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These are the advertising opportunities on JadeShip. To book a spot, get in touch using the link below. We can also talk about other opportunities or offer special deals.

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A simple yet effective advertisement in the form of a priority listing on our sellers list.

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Only impressions on the all sellers listing page and promoted sellers page count towards the impression total listed above. Visitors that get to your profile via google, the on-site search, categories, tags etc. don't count.

Other than the impressions, this listing also serves as a stamp of approval for your store. It has helped many new sellers as a way to kickstart their launch. JadeShip is seen as an important reference by the community.

This page is also ranking really high on google, so you can expect a boost of your SEO.

Among each other, the promoted sellers are sorted in alphabetical order. This is not negotiable.

Advertising on JadeShip only gets you a foot in the door. Ultimately it is your store/site that has to convert. That's why we can't guarantee results. What's important is that you work closely together with us and provide us with all your links, a profile picture, contact info and a good description. This makes your profile stand out.

promoted seller green message screenshot

A customized "green message" is also included in this package. It helps with conversions, because it allows you to specify what you are selling, to target customers. This way you are more than a name on the list.

a prominent banner on every page on the website.

advertisment banner screenshot

Prices depend on the size of the banner and the content. The closer you follow our best practice guidelines, the higher the chances that your banner is accepted and the cheaper it will be.

Because customer experience is our first priority, users can permanently hide your banner.

I also want to make sure you know that we are trading important screen real estate with a promotion like this. This and the chance to scare off visitors is why the cost of running a campaign like this is high for us. We have to figure out a deal that works for both of us.

Other Packages

As mentioned before, we have other advertisment packages, please contact us.


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