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Community Abbreviation, Acronym and Code Word Guide

Date: 11/20/2020

These abbreviations and acronyms are used by #repfam to make communication more effectively. If you ever wondered what they mean you can find out here. This list was put together based on our own experience, what we use in our community and what we found in all other communities and can be treated as the ultimate guide.

The items are categorized into the time steps during which they are used.

Contact us if you think something is missing or you need help.



people use this prefix to indicate that they have found a new (unseen) item on taobao/weidian.

Example: [Find] Maison Margiela Men's Boots

W2C/WTC: Want to cop / Where to cop

people may comment this under your post when they want to know where you bought your item. Most people react by placing a link to the item in the comment section.

Example: W2C or no QC

GP: Guinea Pig

people mostly use "GP" when they will test out a newly found items. The point is that no one bought the item yet, to no one can share their experience. Subsequently, the user GPing takes a risk. "I'll GP" means I will buy this item to check out the quality and provide QC pictures.

Example: I'm taking one for the team, I'll GP


Resellers buy items in China and resell them to us for marked-up prices. A good indicator is a large and continuously growing inventory, so big that it's not plausible that the sellers develops and produces the products themselves. The claim is that resellers have average quality at best, above average prices, customer service specialized on westerners and aggressive marketing.

Example: Found the TNF Parka, same batch as the resellers but much cheaper.

Dead item / dead link

An item taken down by taobao/weidian/etc. RepArchive is the best way to avoid looking wasting time with dead links.

Example: Anyone got a new link? link is dead.

OOS: Out of Stock

Items that are not in stock anymore. RepArchive also hides those, so you don't waste your time, but they are ready to show again if the seller restocks. In practice, OOS can be treated as dead, as restocks rarely happen. If an item is truly OOS with plans of restocking, the seller won't even tag it as OOS.

Example: OOS sadly, anyone knows if he'll restock?

WX / WC: WeChat

Sellers put this in their description to tell you their WeChat name. WX stands for weixin, the chinese name for WeChat.

Example: WX: reparchive

1-Yuan Link:

Sellers create these to allow purchases on taobao without listing the actual items, to avoid getting their account banned. Change the quantity so the sum is the price of the item you want to buy and say what you want to buy in the comments. Link to guide.

B&S: Bait and Switch

B&S means that the seller baits you with an attractive item, but switches it out for an item of lesser quality.

1:1 One-to-one

1:1 means an item is identical to retail. It's also used as a (subjective) measure of how close it is to retail, for instance 0.8:1 means it's 80% as good as retail.


Jokingly used to refer to taobao items. This originated from google translate translating dead items as baby.

Example: Sorry, the baby you viewed does not exist, it may have been removed or transferred.

Post Purchase

QCQuality Control

people use QC when he/she needs help checking the quality of the item they have bought.

Example: These finally arrived at the warehouse, can anyone QC?

QC Pics: Quality Control Pictures

Referring to product images provided to you. Mostly used for warehouse pics, issued by the agents.

Example: I got HD QC pics from the agent.

PSP: Pre-Shipment Pictures

PSPs are QC Pics, but PSP is used almost exclusively to QC Pics provided by Sellers (usually WeChat Sellers do this, as well as some websites). That means these are provided independently of the agent, before the domestic shipping, before the agent receives the items.

Example: Nina provided me with these PSP. I think I'll accept.

LCQC / LCLegit check & Quality control

people use LCQC when he/she needs help checking the quality & legitness of the item they have/want to buy. It's pretty much the same as QC, but just the legitness is checked too. We mostly use [LCQC] for the allround check of an item.

Example: [LCQC] A friend offered me these for sale? Are they real?

GLGreen Light

Response to a QC / LC, the item checks out and passes the inspection of the user.

Example: Looks good to me, GL

RLRed Light

Response to a QC / LC, the item doesn't check out, there are obvious flaws in e.g. the stitching, logo, placement, etc. The comment can be seen as a suggestion to return the item.

Example: The stitching is horrible, I'd return, RL

Post Shipment Community Content


people use this flair when they want to post a review/thoughts after receiving their item in-hand. Good reviews include W2C links, agent QC pics and in-hand pics.

Example: My haul arrived last week, here's my review.

In-Hand Pics:

Pictures that you take at home, from the item you got. These have the highest credibility, as fake QCs and even agents recycling QCs so they don't have to take new photos have been reported in the past.

Example: My sweater looks so much better in-hand than on the warehouse pics, here is an album of in-hand pics.

Fit Pics:

In-hand pics of you wearing the item. The purpose is to tell how they fit, so you need to give your size/weight and the size you are wearing.

TTS: True to size

An item where the size tag matches the sizing that's common in the western world. For instance A TTS medium fits like a medium you would buy at a local store.

WDYWT: What do you wear today?

A post to show off and get opinions on a well composed outfit. Usually W2C links are provided.

These are the most common abbreviations used in the rep game. If I forgot some, feel free to let me know in the comments!

BST: Buy-Sell-Trade

A community for buying, selling and trading items from China. You save yourself the expensive international shipping, but have the risk of being cheated out of your money, that comes with dealing with unregulated sales platforms. Commonly used if items don't fit.


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