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New recommended agent: CnFans

Date: 11/11/2023

JadeShip is setting CnFans as the default agent. Their proposition is the best exchange rate, the most generous discounts, mixed with cheap shippings services. Is this enough to win over customers?


I have to preface this post by saying three things.

If you want to use another agent, you can continue to do so.

Every single tool and function on JadeShip is agent agnostic. If you want to continue using your agent, you can keep using JadeShip with little to no impact.

If you don't want to make the switch with us, you can set your preferred agent, and most of our tools will automatically use this agent. All other tools allow you to switch agents with two clicks.

The best agent depends on your personal situation.

There are many factors that come into play when determining the best agent. The biggest one is your country. A particular agent might have cheaper services available to your country than CnFans.

Another aspect is your budget and personal preferences. I made the choice to recommend CnFans because they are budget friendly and cheaper than the competition (in most cases), and most people in our community view price as the main factor. However, there are people that prioritize customer service, QC pics and what not, and for those there might be a better alternative.

I'm not claiming that CnFans is the best agent for everyone. But I think that most people will be the happiest with them.

We don't have anything against Pandabuy

The fact that we changed the default agent from Pandabuy to CnFans isn't that there's anything wrong with Pandabuy. Pandabuy is still a great agent and still going strong, still delivering good updates and still supported by all of our sites. I'm still a fan, no doubt.


CNF has strong discounts right now. You should check them out.

10% off, 5% off and ¥100 off of shipping is an incredible discount we've never seen before. And it's only possible with the code JadeShip.


This means that you can get your first 3 parcels significantly discounted. With no drawbacks or conditions. No other agent has anything like that.

With that being said, because these are temporary, they don't influence the conclusion of this post.

The permanent sign-up bonus is better than the competition, which generally tends to only give you discounts that are unusable. It consists of 14 coupons that total $129. 12 of them have a minimum spending fee, but two of them give you $2 off, without a threshold, so you can use them on any order.

Advantages of CnFans

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate means everything and nothing, all at once.

Every single price is affected by the exchange rate. That's why it's a good place to start.

CnFans currently sits at an exchange rate of 1:7.1 (usd:cny). That's cheaper than hagobuy, cssbuy and all other agents, CnFans is the only agent that breaks the 7¥ sound barrier.

When you top-up with CnFans you get 6% more money than you get with Pandabuy and Wegobuy. This means everything is 6% cheaper, right off the bat, shipping, items and value-added services.

On the other hand, the exchange rate by itself means nothing. There are other fees that need to be factored in, and ultimately the only thing that counts is the bottom line total.

source: exchange rates


Now that we learned that, we can look at the shipping fees and include the previously established exchange rate, but also service fees and payment fees (These are almost identical to Pandabuy and Wegobuy). This is that bottom line total.

Let's get straight to the facts and check the most popular countries. We're focusing on the shipping lines that you're actually going to want to use, based on popular opinion. For our calculations we'll be using a standard medium-sized parcel of 30x35x35 (4000g).

Keep in mind that even if CnFans isn't the cheapest in all of these comparisons, it's a 1 vs. 7. As long as there isn't one agent that's always cheaper, it's still a solid choice.

source: JadeShip shipping calculator

United States

CnFans has the best price to the USA, with SAL you only pay $46. Sugargoo and Cssbuy are just a bit more expensive, all the other agents are far behind.

If you prefer EMS, you're going to have to pay $75. This is the 4th cheapest option out of 19 EMS options.


Germany is a country with strict customs, where tariffless shipping is recommended.

That's not a problem because CnFans has the cheapest shipping service which is also tariffless: EUR-railway. The only shipping line in the sub-20-dollar price class. It's 20% cheaper than the competition and tax free. What more do you want?

You might want quicker shipping, how about a good old 2 weeks tariffless line? EUR-air-MT(Tax Free) currently comes in at $64. That makes it a little more expensive than Hagobuy, Pandabuy and Sugargoo and Cssbuy which all placed in the $55 to $63 price range. Basetao, Superbuy and Wegobuy are more expensive. So it sits right in the middle.


CnFans has the cheapest SAL and EMS offers. These seem to be the recommended lines so it seems like you're best off with this agent, if you are from Australia.


If you want to go with SAL, CnFans has the cheapest option.

If EMS is more your thing, CnFans is also the cheapest. Together with Superbuy it's significantly cheaper than all other competitors.


Just like Germany, CnFans has EUR-railway which is tariffless and the cheapest you can get to Spain.

For SAL, CnFans is the second cheapest option..

If you're looking for actually tariffless, unrestricted, quick 2-week shopping lines you have to pull out $70 for EUR-air-MT. Cheaper alternatives start at $62, but CnFans is supposedly quicker and the difference isn't that big.

Shipping Conclusion

We have shown that CnFans is the cheapest agent to the US, to Germany, to Australia, to Canada and to Spain.

In other words, they beat the competition in every test we ran.

The bigger picture

When you look at the bigger picture, there's another reason to use CnFans: Our scene has gotten awfully close to becoming a monopoly. Pandabuy was extremely dominant for a while. Deservedly so, one might say: Pandabuy paid their affiliates better, which lead to everyone promoting them on Tiktok and Reddit. Their website was also better than the rest. Luckily other agents caught up and it's not quite as bad anymore.

Monopolies are bad for the consumer, because they allow the agent to charge whatever they want. If you use CnFans, you're boosting competition, which helps everyone.


CnFans is new and they are motivated. They definitely have the best discounts right now.

CnFans has the cheapest shipping, I can safely say so after testing the most popular countries and shipping lines.

For this reason, I'm proud to set this agent as our new default agent.

If you want to make the switch to CnFans, consider using my sign-up link to support the development of this site. Either way, make sure you use the coupon code.


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