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Hagobuy has been added to our Services! How do they stack up?

Date: 5/26/2023

We recently added the shopping agent Hagobuy to all JadeShip services. This means they are fully featured in the Shipping Calculator and a choice in the Weidian Search, Top List etc.

We will use this opportunity to take a look at the agent and see how they stack up against the older agents.

Update: We now have a single page that contains all Hagobuy resources: This page contains the shipping calculator, discounts, coupons, the browser extension, QnA, everything we have to offer related to Hagobuy.


hagobuy website

Hagobuy's website seems solid for a new agent. It's just a copy of what we've seen countless times before and what works. It might not be as good as Superbuy, but that shouldn't be a surprise given that for one Superbuy had about 10 more years to improve, and Hagobuy is positioning itself as a budget agent. I haven't tried every function of the website, but it seems alright to me.

Hagobuy also bought abcdbuy, a agent I reviewed on YouTube. That's a good thing because they can combine their knowledge.

Coupons and Discounts

Register on Hagobuy, get $105 worth of coupons*

No Threshold Hagobuy Shipping Coupons!
We managed to get two no threshold shipping coupons on Hagobuy that you can always use.

JadeShip100 - ¥100 discount (limited to 200 users, use while you can)
JadeShip50 - ¥50 discount

You can always find the latest hagobuy discounts on the dedicated hagobuy discounts page.

You should use the rounded button above to save yourself the registration coupons, and once you run out of them, or if you don't reach the threshold, use the JadeShip-no-threshold coupons in the green box.

While no threshold coupons are the best discounts in existence, other agents have discounts too, so we will not take discount codes into consideration.

Exchange Rate

We recently launched a tool for the exchange rate, you can see a screenshot below. While the exchange rate alone means close to nothing, with a good exchange rate every little thing gets cheaper, so it's a good starting point to find the cheapest agent.

Exchange rate wise, Hagobuy is the second cheapest agent. Only Cssbuy is cheaper and Cssbuy charges a 6% service fee, which means Hagobuy goes into the race with the best advantage. So let's see, how they stack up with a few examples for sought after shipping lines.

Shipping / Shipping Calculator

When we mention shipping prices, they include all other fees: service fees, payment fees etc. Only on JadeShip do you get the full picture and a fair comparison!

United States (USA)

First of all if you are not shipping branded goods, Hagobuy's Yun Express is by far the cheapest shipping line out of all the options to America. Supposedly it's also very quick.

If a cheap no name brand shipping isn't for you, how about Fedex?

BasetaoCN-Fedex express$133
PandabuyHK FedEx$152
CssbuyHZ-FEDEX-F :0-20kg$179
SuperbuyFedEx Preferential Line$189

As you can see, Hagobuy is the cheapest agent. Only Sugargoo is <$100, other than these two all agents are significantly more expensive.

There are countless other shipping lines to the USA we could compare, so please open the shipping calculator and do your own comparison, if Fedex isn't your choice.


To Germany, it is recommended to use a tax-free, triangle shipping line. The first one that comes to mind is Europe Tariffless.

As you can see, Hagobuy is far cheaper than Pandabuy and Wegobuy. $67 compared to $106 and $110. You save more than 33%! And it's supposedly quicker too. So a clear win for Hagobuy.

Obviously, we only compared three agents. What do Cssbuy, Basetao, Sugargoo and Superbuy have to offer to German customers?

Cssbuy's cheapest worthy option is CSS-FJ-DHL-Tariffless-F :0-11kg-Triangle shipping, a tariffless DHL variant. At $104 it is significantly more expensive than Hagobuy and up there with the "premium agents" Pandabuy and Wegobuy.

Basetao has a competitive offer: DE-DHL(tax free) for $65. It's in the same price range, but well it's Basetao. I think you're going to want to look for something significantly cheaper to make up for all the complications that come with Basetao.

Sugargoo has a few options that are cheaper: YT, DPD and WY. YT and WY are unheard of and not even recommended by Sugargoo, so only DPD is a valid option. DPD (Tax Free) costs $68 where Hagobuy costs $67, so the difference is small. But Sugargoo's DPD line takes twice as long.

Superbuy's tax free selection starts at $85 and is rather intransparent. They work, that's for sure, but Superbuy does not want to disclose what deliver service they are using, so it's hard to compare.

BasetaoDE-DHL(tax free)$65
HagobuyEurope Tariffless Line$67
SugargooDPD (Tax Free)$68
SuperbuyTax-Free Air Line in EU&US$87
CssbuyCSS-FJ-DHL-Tariffless-F :0-11kg-Triangle shipping$104
PandabuyEurope Tariffless Line$106
WegobuyEurope Tariffless Line$110

Conclusion: Hagobuy has very competitive pricing to Germany. Honestly, looking at this they would be my choice. I already mentioned that I would only choose Basetao if it comes with a significant discount, which isn't the case here. Sugargoo is close in price, but at this moment they have too many issues. Europe Tariffless is the line of choice and Hagobuy is clearly the cheapest here.

Other European Countries

I also checked the prices for France, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. The picture here is almost exactly the same: Hagobuy has by far the cheapest Europe Tariffless Line, and even if you include other triangle shipping lines, it takes the top spot in a group with Sugargoo and Basetao.

Final Verdict

Is Hagobuy the cheapest agent? As with any question regarding agents, it really depends on where you live. So enter your own country in the shipping calculator and do your own research.

Hagobuy seems like a solid choice to all of Europe especially, since the Europe Tariffless Line is so much cheaper than other agents. You can't just ignore 33% in potential savings. My next haul will definitely be a Hagobuy haul.

Register on Hagobuy, get $105 worth of coupons*


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