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Introducing Kameymall, a Chinese wholesale website

Date: 9/13/2021

I get it, some of you find agents complicated, don't trust them and think they charge too much for their service. One alternative is a wholesale and retail store like Kameymall.

Kameymall has been a Chinese retailer for 20 years, not only exporting Chinese products to Europe and the United States, but also importing specialty items to China.

Contact Info

WeChat: kameymsll

What's the advantage of using a wholesaler?

More than a year ago we wrote about a different wholesaler, who sadly shut down. But the point for using a wholesaler still stand.

Quality assurance: The products that are listed on a Kameymall's website have to meet certain quality criteria and are generally found to be good and relevant. This gives you the confidence to know that you are getting better products than you would get from random Taobao products.

Combined orders from different sellers: Wholesalers like Kameymall feature products from different sellers and allow you to ship them together to save money. This is an advantage over buying from trusted sellers directly.

Stock security: The point of a wholesaler is that they buy large quantities from the factory, allowing them to pass on the discounts to you. But it also means that they have a higher stock security, because they can actually keep track of their stock and don't order from the factory on demand.

Discounts and loyalty programs: Kameymall offers a big platform to buy from different sellers, this allows them to offer loyalty programs that wouldn't make sense for single sellers to develop.

Customer service: This might be the biggest advantage. Utilizing economies of scale, wholesaler can employ a bigger and better customer service team, covering more active hours and speaking English.


Some of the products carried by Kameymall include clothing, shoes, wigs and outdoor sports goods.

Apart from wholesale reselling they also operate their own factory to produce items for international customers.

Page layout

Top of the page ribbon

At the top of the page you find a ribbon with links to the help center, customer service, join us, shopping cart and account properties (personal center).

Help Center: This is a knowledgebase you can use to look up the answer to any question you might have.

Customer service: Talk to the 24/7 customer service to resolve any issues you might find.

Join us: This is the page to register an account or to sign in.

Shopping cart: See what items you have added to your shopping cart, modify the quantity of items in the cart and finish the order.

Personal center: Take a look at your past orders, coupons added to your account or modify your account properties.

Front Page

The front page of Kameymall shows you a bunch of hot offers, flash deals and new listings. It also allows you to sign into your account right away.

You can also shop by category, click on the all categories button to get to browse each and every item on the site.

A look at the front page of kameymall

How to purchase

  1. Create an account by clicking "join us" or "join member"
  2. Collect the coupon on the front page
  3. Find a product you want to buy
  4. Pick the right color, size and quantity
  5. Click "buy now"
  6. Add your address
  7. Choose the shipping service and payment method
  8. Redeem your coupon from step 2
  9. Click "pay order" and pay

If any of these steps don't work, you should contact customer service.


Coupons for new users:

  • $10 off, no minimum spending
  • $20 off, $300 minimum spending
  • $25 off, $500 minimum spending
  • $40 off, $1000 minimum spending

Available coupons for new members


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