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Reminder: Share your QC pictures with Superbuy2Imgur Plugin (QC Suite)

Date: 5/2/2019

Since we teamed up with the QC Suite Plugin we expanded our database with thousands of QC pictures. This didn't only greatly improved the quality of our site but also helped everyone with the plugin see pictures for all color combinations when browsing!

Wegobuy2Imgur Plugin available with Wegobuy Support! Link to updated post: Blog

What it does for YOU

  • You see all available QC pictures on Taobao with the size/color they are displaying
  • You make your QC pictures available to the community while staying anonymous

How to Install

It only takes a minute!
Download Tampermonkey for your browser of choice.
Download the script

How to use

  1. Upload your QC pictures from the Superbuy Shopping Orders Page
  2. If you have many items you can save time by clicking "Multi Upload QC"
  3. If you have too many items it will put you on a cool-down due to imgur restrictions, so at that point you’ll have to wait an hour to continue

Safety concerns

We heard safety concerns, but you can rest assured that the plugin is safe.

  • Tampermonkey shows you when a script is active. This is only on the Shopping Orders screen, not the login or profile screen
  • The full script is visible and confirms that no password is grabbed
  • Only the username is grabbed to avoid duplicate entries

Disclaimer: This isn't our plugin! But we greatly support u/AColdFloor 's work and that we can work together to make this community better. It has 809 installs when this post was written and I hope this number goes up quickly.


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