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RepArchive is now JadeShip

Date: 12/20/2023

RepArchive has undergone a many changes throughout the years. Nothing of the 2017 version is left.

tldr; RepArchive is not about reps and not an archive. So it's time for a new name. That name is JadeShip. Jade is a valuable mineral that China is known for and ship because shipping is a core part of what we do.

Why the name RepArchive does not represent our identity anymore.

Here's why the name RepArchive does not represent our identity anymore: We have nothing to do with reps and we aren't an archive.


this site is not about reps, we have nothing to do with replicas. We're a meta provider of tools. What you ship in the end doesn't matter.


the word archive represents something slow, stale and something that you can only read but not modify. This was a good fit for the lists that RepArchive started with in 2017. Nowadays, none of this is true. The shipping calculator, top list, live feed, spreadsheet search, pretty much every section of the page is updated every single day, the opposite of stale. On top of that, everything is highly customizable and can be tailored to your own needs.

Finding the new name

Tao this, tao that

The easiest choice for a new name would've been something like taotech. The name would be instantly recognizable and everyone would know what to expect - as long as Taobao is still the big dog.

If we look back, taobao has already lost a lot of marketshare to Weidian and more recently 1688. Superbuy rose and fell, so did Wegobuy.

That's to say, when you use these trends you're making yourself dependent on the success of another brand. That might give you a head start, but if the brand goes down your are left with nothing. The best way to last long term is to do your own thing.

So why JadeShip?

So we established that we need an independent name. So how do we end up with JadeShip?

I thought:

Are there any constants that we are infinitely connected to? I want to outlive Pandabuy, I want to outlive Taobao, what's alyways going to be there?

The only answer I could come up with: China and international shipping. That's always going to be, what this site is about.

So I did some research to find out what China is commonly associated with:

  • the great wall
  • pandas
  • dragons
  • lotus
  • jade

I tried every combination of these words, and most good ones were taken.

Finally, I came up with JadeShip. I think it's a very good name. It's short, memorable and connected to what we do.

rebranding logo comparison

The name JadeShip links jade and ship. Jade is a valuable stone that's been an important part of Chinese culture, art and jewelry for more than 8000 years. Ship or shipping is a necessary part of buying from China, so it's also very fitting.

Closing thoughts

It's going to take some getting used to and a lot of effort to build the brand recognition that RepArchive had.

But ultimately, JadeShip it will represent us better, describe more accurately what we do, give us independence and innocence. And we got a cool logo.

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