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Superbuy is Crowning their Top Partner and is Giving Away Coupons

Date: 5/31/2021 is having a big time comeback! First it's revealed that they accept all items again, then their competition screws up left and right, other agents can't publish an App and for June SB announced a series of 6/18 Shopping Events.

618 is the Chinese mid-year shopping event, popularized by AliBaba and it's subsidiaries such as taobao.

Superbuy Top Partner 👑

Superbuy announced that at the End of June they will have crown their best partner. Since we've retained a close partnership over the years I'm optimistic this can be us.

Register on Superbuy + Receive a Welcome Bonus*. Click the banner to get started! Support our cause

Click the link above to sign-up through RepArchive and help us be the #1 Top Partner

The value of a partner is determined by sign-ups through the link above and money spent by those new users. So if you want to help us you make an account through the link above and get your summer haul. Of course we can't just count on users reading this and going out of their way to support us, we're also switching our primary item links from Wegobuy to Superbuy.

I'm definitely up for a challenge! Even if we don't win it will be interesting to see how we compare to other communities. We're counting on your Support

I'm not sure what exactly the winner gets except for the honor and the title, but whatever it is, we'll definitely share it with you and do a giveaway.

Superbuy 6/18 Coupons

Coupons from 6/1 - 6/18
DiscountMinimum SpendingCoupon Code
¥20 Off¥199618A1
¥40 Off¥399618B1
¥60 Off¥599618C2
¥80 Off¥700618D1
Coupons from 6/18 - 6/30
DiscountMinimum SpendingCoupon Code
¥50 Off¥500618A
¥80 Off¥700618B
¥110 Off¥900 618C
¥160 Off¥1,200618D
¥200 Off¥1,500618E
¥400 Off¥2,500618F
6/18 Limited Edition Coupons with no minimum Spending

On June 16th, 17th, 18th at midnight Beijing time there are ¥100 coupons with no minimum spending limit available, limited to 10 coupons per day, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

DiscountDateCoupon Code
¥100 OffOnly June 16, 202116A
¥100 OffOnly June 17, 202117A
¥100 OffOnly June 18, 202118A

Why you should switch to Superbuy right now

Other than our own obvious interest we've described earlier, there are valid reasons for you to make the switch.

Superbuy has been known as the highest quality agent, along with Wegobuy. But what they have over Wegobuy is a more responsive and modern website. What they have over all other agents is a functioning iOS and Android app, this is better than the mobile websites, no matter how optimized they are.

Many beginners think agents all do the same thing and it's all the same, just more expensive - they don't see the value of a high quality agent. But a high quality agent can save you much time and many worries. You want 100% accuracy when it comes to customs declaration and packaging, from budget agents you frequently hear that they put the wrong items in the parcel, ship it to the wrong address or write the wrong numbers on the customs declaration. In the almost 4 years I've been following this scene I haven't heard a single complaint about Superbuy in this regard!

Wegobuy Warehouse Tour

This video is from Wegobuy, not Superbuy but it shows how much technology and organization goes into a well organized agent. On the contrary, the only pictures we've seen from budget agents show family members trying to keep items in order on their living room floor, hyperbolically speaking.

If that convinced you to choose a high quality agent, the choice is between Superbuy and Wegobuy. And we aren't gonna trash talk Wegobuy just to get you to switch to Superbuy to win the challenge, Wegobuy is a great company, definitely. But Superbuy is for you if you appreciate experience, feel saver with a company that worked hard and took a step back for a clean reputation, that isn't at risk of being shut down, and like the customer experience provided by the best website and app.

Register on Superbuy + Receive a Welcome Bonus*. Click the banner to get started! Support our cause

Superbuy Info Graphic

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