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We're introducing an affiliate program that allows you to promote the JadeShip Shipping Calculator and keep 100% of the profits. Get your link in just one minute.

How it works: You paste your affiliate links below, and instantly generate a partner link. You share that link, and all visitors that visit through your link will have our affiliate links replaced by yours.



A new angle to generate an extra income stream

Most likely, you're primarily benefitting from new users that are just getting started. Maybe even items. But are you benefitting from users that are looking for shipping options? With us you can cover an extra angle and benefit from a new audience.

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Most cooperations are a trade-off: You get paid to put something in front of your audience's nose, that they don't want to see. With the RA Shipping Calculator it's different: Your audience will thank you for showing them this free and 100% beneficial tool. Guaranteed.

No approval process

You can create your own links and get started when ever you want. There's no approval process. No personal data or paperwork involved.

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You inject your existing affiliate link. That means you can use the agents' payout options and don't have to deal withJadeShip at all.

Stay loyal to your partnered agent

We know that some of you have an exclusivity deal with a particular agent. In that case you can just promote the agent's dedicated shipping calculator here on RA, stay loyal and still benefit.

Use as many agents as you want

If you want, you can generate a single link that uses your affiliate link for all 9 agents.

100% Coverage

When your affiliate link is active, all of our affiliate links are replaced with yours. This includes banners, agent details pop-ups and the ship to button.

100% Profit Sharing

Think about it this way: We spent hundreds of hours developing a website everyone loves, take care of the hosting and everything, and you can reap all the rewards. It's almost unfair...

Frequently asked question

How long are my links retained?

Your affiliate links is activated as long as it's in the URL. It will's retained during all navigations on the page, refreshes and even when the browser is closed.

How does JadeShip benefit from this?

While we won't be getting any money from the users you bring in, we want to make "JadeShip Shipping Calculator" a household name in the scene and you will help with that.

Doesn't JadeShip TOP have a similar program?

Yes, we have a similar program going on for JadeShip TOP, that you can benefit from as well. You can generate a link here. The main advantage of this program is that you get a shortened link automatically.

Can I see any analytics for my link?

More support for this might come in the future. In the meantime you reach out and we'll happily give you what we have. But, please be warned that we respect our users' choice not to be tracked, which means there's a certain portion we have no data of.


We need a few rules, mostly it's just legal gibberish. This is a voluntary offer and we reserve the right to end it at will. If the page is not accessible or your affiliate link does not display for any reason, including technical reasons, we will not compensate any losses. We reserve the right to shut down your particular partner link without stating a reason. We will use this option if you misrepresentJadeShip and promote our site in places that we don't want to associate with. It's also forbidden to use links that don't work to sabotage the system. JadeShip does not take responsibility for external links.JadeShip does not pay out any money.

Disclaimer: This is a graphical presentation of statistical data, provided directly by a third party ("shopping agent"), namely,,,,,,, or This page is made for educational purposes only. The data is not vetted, influenced or produced by We cannot take responsibility for the content of external websites. No warranties for correctness of information. Nothing on this site is to be understood as advising you.

Advertisement transparency: All shopping agent links are affiliate links. Among other labels, they are labeled with "ship", "... sign-up" or a rocket symbol. We do not get a commission for the sale of the item, only for their function as a freight forwarder.

All information disclosed on this page is disclosed "as is" and without any representation, warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding its accuracy or performance and, in particular, with respect to the non-infringement of trademarks, patents, copyrights or any other intellectual property rights, or any other rights of third parties.

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