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European DHL Tariffless Line shipping to Czech Republic with AllChinaBuy

This page shows all details for shipping with European DHL Tariffless Line to Czech Republic, shipped with the international shopping agent allchinabuy. Furthermore, it also shows exact shipping cost related details for shipping a 4kg parcel. You can also see all restrictions, judging from these, you can ship branded items with this shipping service.

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Worried about declaring for customs? We've got you covered!

European DHL Tariffless Line

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1.Tax Free Shipping Line with stable transit time and strong customs clearance ability; 2. Parcels will be charged according to the greater of the two weights: actual weight or volume weight; 3. Sensitive products can be received; 4. No tracking info update in 5-7 days after shipping out, the detailed logistics informaion will be updated after the package arrives at oversea, and the parcels will be delivered by local DHL; 5. Limited Range of Declared Value: USD10 ~ USD17


Item Restriction: Watches,Mobile phones, Tablets ,Liquid/Powder/Cream as well as Illegal items Banned by Law are Prohibited.

Price Graphs (price per kg)

Chart Reading Instructions

These graphs are meant as a model to show you the optimal European DHL Tariffless Line shipping sweet spot between a good price per kilogram and a safe shipping weight to Czech Republic. The x-axis shows the weight, the price is on the y-axis.

How to get the most out of it: Try to see where the curve startens to flatten. This is the optimal shipping weight where you're taking home most of the savings while still getting the safest shipping. Adding more weight disproportionaly increases the risk of customs, going lower means you're not using economies of scale.

This is not meant as a precise price calculation tool, fees are not included. This does not hinder it in its intended purpose, as the graphs with and without fees are proportional.

Cost details

service fees0%¥0$0
raw shipping cost¥651$96.85
shipping cost modifier0%¥0$0
payment fees10%¥127$18.91
  1. shipping cost: raw shipping cost
  2. service fee: purchasing fee, calculation differs between agents, the item price is usually part of it.
  3. payment fees: small fee percentage wise, but paid on every transaction, shipping + item + service fee.
Total cost calculation formula
c = ( [item price] × (1 + [service fees]) + [shipping cost] × (1 + [shipping modifier]) ) × (1 + [payment fees]) - [item price]

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