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JadeShip Browser Extension: Officially Featured by Google

Date: 5/15/2023

Just after the announcement that the JadeShip "My Agent" Browser Extension gained a verified badge (blue check mark) on the Google Chrome Web Store, it received the next award: it's officially featured by Google!

JadeShip browser extension google chrome web store listing shows verfied and promoted status.

What do the Awards mean?

It's cool to have these two accolades: the blue tick symbolizes the social impact not only of the extension but of as a whole. The featured badge is a recognition by the Chrome Web Store Team, it's a technical award.

Featured extensions follow our technical best practices and meet a high standard of user experience and design.

Chrome Web Store Help

A technical award for our open source work is a high honor, one of the highest honors I received as a developer.

According to Google, this award is only given after a manual review by the team, I'm glad they took their time for this.

As far as I know, that's everything you can accomplish on Google. Now we just need more users, so spread the word, and also consider getting the extension on Firefox, where we have yet to be recognized


Chrome / Edge / Brave Extension

Firefox Extension

New Features

This comes right after we released some awesome new features that we're already seeing in screenshots etc.

Not on this screenshot, because I just added it the other day is support for hagobuy as a sixth agent.

Raw links are a simple, straight forward feature. Raw means Taobao, Weidian, 1688 and Tmall directly, with no agent. With version 1.6.0 you can use the extension to sanitize links and to get away from agent links. Freedom to not consume is an important feature that's very much part of the open source idea, and I'm glad it finally made it's way to the extension.

The toolbar is one of the greatest features in my eyes. It's the first expansion out of the reddit world, the first feature you can use as a non-reddit users. What it does: It offers all the link conversion capabilities the extension has to offer on any agent site and on the "raw" marketplaces. So you can just jump around at will. Icing on the cake is the inclusion of, you can now instantly see if QC pics are available for the items you're looking at, and head over there, all without having to leave the sites to check. And it also works on any agent and marketplace.

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