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JadeShip Shopping Agent Endorsement Update

Date: 8/12/2022

From the beginning, JadeShip's mission included transparency and freedom of choice. There's no site that treated all agents equally like we do. But with new agents launching every other month, our current way of presenting an equal selection of up to 8 agents raises more questions than answers. We're losing focus. So we're changing our endorsement strategy.

First of all, we're not taking any features away from any of our sites, we still stand for freedom of choice. This also isn't about money, we could get roughly the same from all agents.

The goal is to guide new users towards the agents we actually know are the best. JadeShip is about helping people; telling people to choose from any of these eight agents and then maybe giving them some wise advise like "you get what you pay for" isn't helping anyone, even if it's fair.

What agents do we endorse now?

Many business questions have to be answered with a quantitative and a qualitative.

Qualitative endorsement

Of course we're not losing our way: When you look for the best price, we still tell you what agent has the best price. Fair and transparent, no politics, all agents get equal treatment.

This mainly applies to the shipping calculator, our quantitative comparison tool.

It features Superbuy, Wegobuy, Cssbuy, Sugargoo, Basetao, CityGoBuy, Pandabuy and Ufobuy.

Qualitative endorsement

When it comes to endorsing agents for their quality we will have focus on three the agents that I actually think are the best:

Wegobuy: Wegobuy is good in every aspect. The service does not disappoint and meets all expectations. A solid choice for everyone.

Pandabuy: When I was introduced to Pandabuy I did not want to endorse them at all because I thought it's just another agent, we already have 7 of them. Pandabuy is truly revolutionary in terms of features and quality of live. They're also gaining popularity among the community, if you look at it's painted in their iconic green.

Superbuy: Superbuy has a reputation of being an expensive luxury agent. That's not completely wrong: if price is your main criteria, our shipping calculator will probably not end well for Superbuy. But Superbuy still has the best service and reliability and some unique services, like the shipping expert. This selection of three is an ordered list and Superbuy is in a deserved third place because they're difficult to recommend to the wide public.

User configurable

Where it fits the software design idea, we make the agent selection configurable. Take JadeShip TOP and as an example. With two clicks you can configure it to work with your favorite agent, even if that agent isn't fully endorsed by us.

With a default selection, we can somewhat steer new users in the right direction. Further emphasis on endorsed agents is not ruled out.

What qualifies JadeShip to say what the best agent is

Quickly summed up, I actually used almost all agents myself, I compared them by ordering the same set of items from 5 different agents at the same time. I know them from a customer's perspective.

I also have insights on their business practices by being in contact with their management and as a developer I have an idea how well their website behaves.

I don't have a single sponsor I need to be loyal to.

I did a ton of research for my articles, guides and videos, which is summed up in my verdict.

All of this comes from 5 years of experience.


In 2022 there are too many agents (for some of our services we support 8 different agents). When we do comparisons, we will still compare all agents and give them an equal chance. But where we endorse agents, for instance the sidebar, we will limit the selection to the actual best agents, so people aren't mislead into a bad first experience.


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