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JadeShip Surveys: Results and Questions

Date: 2/12/2021

JadeShip surveys were introduced as a weekly series of posts to compound community knowledge and provide more meaningful answers to users from all different geographical backgrounds.

This page contains results from the surveys and gives you the option to partake in surveys at any time you want and answer surveys that have not been posted on reddit. We also want to give you more background information on why we believe this survey to be meaningful and helpful to the community.

By answering any of these surveys you are helping yourself most of all and engaging in a way that will improve the whole community. If you have time take 10 minutes to answer them all.

Posts on Reddit

Every Wednesday one of these surveys is posted on r/JadeShip in rotation. A major influx in responses is expected the day after this post, so consequently new publications are most likely to appear after that.

#1 Your favorite shipping line


Estimated time to complete: 3 minutes


We collect information about your preferred shipping service and weight for 3 categories: The safest way to ship, the cheapest way to ship (by shipping to most weight tolerable) and the sweet spot between.

The purpose is to collect crowdsourced data to find out which shipping lines work to which country. We also want to be able to publish information for new countries that usually don't get the attention that the bigger countries get.

Crowd sourced data has the advantage that it covers more countries and more recent data


The evaluation is quite big so it got it's own post: Cheapest and Best Shipping Service for each Country

We will only publish evaluations for countries with data from 5 people. To make it more representative we will consider adding weight to the opinion of people who shop more frequent and recently, and thus could be assumed to have a better idea what's better.

#2 Your favorite seller


Estimated time to complete: less than 1 minute


This is a simple 1 question survey. The purpose is to find out the obvious, everyone's favorite seller. We will also use the information to make sure we have contact information for every seller.

#3 The JadeShip Survey (How do you feel about JadeShip?)


Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes


This might very well be the most important survey for the future of JadeShip. It contains questions about the quality of JadeShip and our Service, including the technical quality. Given the relevance of the JadeShip blog, where are you reading this post, we also had to include a few questions about it. We also give you a chance to tell us how you feel about JadeShip, especially how much you trust us and where you see us in the community. Lastly we have a short regarding our social media.

#4 Rate All Rep Subs


Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes


This one is just as much about r/Flexicas and r/CoutureReps as it is about r/JadeShip. But we also give you the chance to rate other popular subreddits.

By telling us your opinion on activity, quality, trustworthiness and mods you allow us to know what we have to change. This is in no way intended to attack any subreddit or it's moderators.

#5 Rate your interest & activity status


Estimated time to complete: 2 minutes


For the longest time we had the theory: The interest of users builds up to a point at which they are so knowledgeable and interested that many go out of their way to contribute and engage in a positive way. But then even the most engaged community members inevitably lose interest and just disappear.

The purpose of this survey is to get behind this phenomenon and find out why users are leaving the community

#6 Do you know our sister sites?


Estimated time to complete: 2 minutes


This is a short and compact survey to find out your perception of our sister sites, We want to know whether you heard about the site and how much the topic appeals to you.


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