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RA LIVE: Cssbuy Live Feed + best sellers

Date: 8/31/2023

Thanks to the cooperation with Cssbuy, we have integrated their live feed into the JadeShip live feed. But not only that, we also use the Cssbuy data to determine the best sellers for Taobao, Weidian and 1688.

The new scope of the live feed

This means we now get data from three agents: Superbuy, Wegobuy and Cssbuy. The result of this expansion is that you now see 150 items when you open the live feed, 50 items from each agent.

Live Feed Link

Another change is that you can now see what agent as used to buy an item on the live feed. For this you can use the small logo in the top right corner of the product picture.

Cssbuy does not report where an item was bought from, that's why all the flags show the Chinese flag.

Changes to JadeShip TOP, the best sellers list

Data provided by Cssbuy is also used to calculate the best sellers list.

Collecting more data will improve the accuracy of our calculations. This is more true for 24 hours than it is to 30 days or all time, mathematical rules dictate that with a larger sample size they are going to get closer to the average between all agents.

We could also quite easily, publish an agent specific sellers list. So you would only see the best sellers for Cssbuy for instance. To be honest, I don't see the benefit for you, as a customer. You want to know the best selling items, and all the live feeds are equally trustworthy, so why would you care if the item was bought on a Cssbuy and not Superbuy. Once again, combining them gives us more precise results. If you see a point of agent dedicated best seller feeds, let us know.

Thank you to Cssbuy for the cooperation

Cssbuy was really helpful in implementing this.

Thank you for allowing us to do this and thank you for helping to improve JadeShip, and allowing customers to make better decisions.

Why this came at just the right time

It has gotten a bit quiet around the OG agents, especially around Wegobuy. I'm not trying to call out an agent here, or speculate on the success of their business. But the outcome was, that when you opened JadeShip TOP, you saw that one of the five best selling items hasn't been bought in 3 days. While the order of items was still pretty accurate, it just made the site look dead and inaccurate. Now, with more data, you open the site and you see that the top 3 have been bought in the last ten minutes, and the 4th and 5th best selling ours also within a couple hours.

Other changes

Last weekend we had some down time, because together with this update I also upgraded the infrastructure and rewrote the whole backend code.

So far it's been running well and had no hiccups, which the other site had problems with lately. This was no surprise with millions and millions of datasets. Now it should run better and pave the way for future upgrades.


We're really happy to have Cssbuy join the live feed, and the results are now much more presentable again. The live feed is more fun to use, and just bigger in size, and the top feed has only gotten more accurate and up-to-date.

We have big follow up plans for this. Thanks again Cssbuy.

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