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Support for 169 Currencies added

Date: 1/16/2024

We added every currency we could find an exchange rate for, even crypto. 169 in total.

This is a blessing for everyone who's not using the US Dollar, especially those currencies where the converted prices are difficult to calculate.

This means you can now store your personal preference when it comes to currencies, agents and the country you live in. This can be done locally or in the cloud, persistent in any case. This makes using our site faster and more comfortable.

currency dropdown

How are prices calculated for all the currencies?

If your currency is CNY, you see the original prices.

If your choice of a currency is USD, prices are calculated using the agent exchange rate, which is essentially a hidden fee, that's always working against you. Where applicable, fees (payment fees and service fees) are also included, to guarantee more precise and real-world applicable results.

If your choice is any other currency, it's converted to USD first and then to your currency, at a daily refreshing exchange rate. This means that the fees charged by the agent are included. Potential fees to exchange your currency for USD are not included, because that depends on whether you use Paypal, Wise or a Credit card. Support for this might be added at a later date.

Where areas of the site are affected by my preference?

Almost all areas of the site are affected by your preference: the spreadsheet search, the top feed, the live feed, the item analysis page, the weidian/taobao/tmall search. The new wishlist page and the wishlists on personal profiles are also affected by your preference.

The archive for the top feed is still only using USD because it is statically generated.

The shipping calculator also does not have support yet.

Where can I set my preferred currency?

You can set your preferred currency locally or in your account.

The best place to choose your currency is on the account settings page. Changes made here will be stored locally and in the cloud.

If you don't want to make an account, the local preference can be set on almost any of the previously mentioned pages: in the top feed, the live feed or the spreadsheet search.

A new popup that appears when you enter your account page helps you sync the local and cloud preferences.

preference mismatch dialog

Your local preference will always be prioritized, but it still makes sense to store your preference in your account so you can always sync it to your local device.

Help us improve

Please let us know if your preferred currency leads to visual glitches, if the exchange rate is wrong or if there is a better symbol.


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