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Warehouse Transfer between any Agent - Ultimate Guide for Switching Agents

Date: 12/11/2020

Do you want to switch agents but have items left in the warehouse? You can do a warehouse transfer to send your items from one agent to the other. It's not expensive, you just have to pay a cheap domestic shipping fee.

This is the ultimate guide that will tell you about the overall process, and give you the delivery address for each agent that you want to switch to, so you can do the switch between any agent.

This guide is a full, ultimate guide for each wegobuy, superbuy, sguargoo, cssbuy, ytaopal and basetao.

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Universal Process

The idea is the same for all agents: You get all your items from one warehouse/agent and send it to the other warehouse/agent.

This happens via regular domestic mail, and your old agent, the sender, doesn't have to do anything special. For them it's just a domestic shipment.

The new agent has to know why they are receiving the new parcel, what to do with it and who it's for. Due to their stock keeping system they might also need a purchase order from you, even if it's just 1 yuan, so that they can store and display your items under that number.

How much will this cost? This depends on the weight, your old agent, shipping service you chose and the current shipping and exchange rates. Most users report a price between $5-$10.

Step-by-step detailed process to do a warehouse transfer

Send the items from the old agent

  1. Open the warehouse page for your old agent and select the products you want to transfer
  2. Submit them for shipping, it might be called international shipping, but for the destination country you select China
  3. Enter the address of the new agent, found below on this page
  4. Wait for the old agent to provide you with a tracking number/parcel number

New Agent, specific Instructions

5. Wegobuy Instructions
  1. Order this item through normal taobao agent shopping
  2. leave your tracking number and service you used with the old agent as a remark
  3. The items should then show up as a bundle in your warehouse under the placeholder product you bought. QC pics of your parcel as a whole should be provided
  4. You may purchase the split parcel service from the warehouse page, if you want to split the items in order to ship them separately and get extra QC pics

The wegobuy process might be the least sophisticated nowadays, but it's simple and works, and means the least work for you.

5. Superbuy Instructions

Superbuy changed the process after they chose to have a more professional approach. The forwarding service can now be used for free.

  1. Go to the Superbuy forwarding page:
  2. Fill in the link or name for all your items
  3. Fill in the price and category. This is only for tracking purposes, you don't have to pay Superbuy
  4. Select Guangdong Warehouse
  5. Enter your home country


Superbuy example for placeholder item

5. Sugargoo Instructions

For Sugargoo you have to provide them with placeholders yourself, but they are free and don't cost ¥1.

  1. Go to this page:
  2. Type in the name of your item or paste a taobao link for auto completion. Then click "adding goods"
  3. Again, the price you enter is just for keeping track and is not what you have to pay Sugargoo
  4. Make sure to click "Fill in Logistics" and add the tracking number
  5. You should take the time to add each item individually, so everything is clear and you can split hauls without any issues

Source video (mobile):, video (desktop):

5. CSSbuy Instructions

CSSbuy follows the same idea as Sugargoo and Superbuy.

  1. Go to this page:
  2. Here you add the placeholder items yourself
  3. First you select whether it's from taobao or somewhere else
  4. You add the logistics information
  5. Purchase any value-added services
5. Basetao Instructions
  1. Go to the "make a parcel" page:
  2. Enter product name and quantity
  3. Enter the shipping service and tracking code
  4. Submit after entering all


5. Ytaopal Instructions
  1. Inquire your account number for warehouse transfers (from support)
  2. Send to the address below
  3. No need to do anything on Ytaopal

Agents' Warehouse Addresses

Wegobuy Warehouse

Consignee (收件人): 小李 苏 (First name: 苏; last name: 小李)

Region (所在地区): Province: Guangdong 广东 City: Huizhou 惠州

Address (街道地址): 广东省惠州市惠城区三栋镇金达路13号聆韵科技园A栋3楼

ZIP Code (邮编): 516000

Phone number (电话): 18967165526

1 Yuan Placeholder Link:

Superbuy Guangdong Warehouse

Consignee (收件人): 吴冰

Region (所在地区): 广东省 惠州 惠城区

Address (街道地址): 水口街道东江高新科技产业园兴运东路1号长方工业园1栋A区5楼-[personal code from link below]

ZIP Code (邮编): 516000

Phone number (电话): 18928323796


Sugargoo Warehouse

Consignee (收件人): 苏东-[personal code from link below]

Region (所在地区): China- Guangdong Province - 惠州市

Address (街道地址): 广东省, 惠州市,惠城区,水口街道,东江高新科技产业园上霞北路5号南宇科技园B栋二楼

ZIP Code (邮编): 516000

Phone number (电话): 18924747022


CSSbuy Warehouse

Consignee (收件人): 西路转-[your username (not personal name)]

Region (所在地区): 浙江省杭州市西湖区

Address (街道地址): 留下街道留和路56号3栋B座3楼

ZIP Code (邮编): 310000

Phone number (电话): 18106578805


BaseTao Warehouse

Consignee (收件人): [your username (not personal name)] or 罗自购 (if Chinese name is requested)

Address (街道地址): 广东省 广州市 从化区 太平镇水南村广从南路水厂街1号昌源玻璃厂楼上二楼

ZIP Code (邮编): 510980

Phone number (电话): 15918729392


ytaopal Warehouse

Consignee (收件人): 信[user number (5 digits)] 微

Address (街道地址): 杭州市滨江区 聚才路88号远方科技中心2楼129室

Province: 浙江省

City: 杭州市

ZIP Code (邮编): 310000

Phone number (电话): +86 13732446662

Other uses of this system

Self-Managed, parcel forwarding service

You can also use this guide for self-managed orders, where you just want to use the agent as a forwarder. In that case you follow the same steps, only replace "old agent" with the vendor you are using.

Internal Warehouse Transfers

There are also internal warehouse transfers: this comes to play when you are switching accounts or someone is selling you their unshipped items, within the same agent.

The difference is that they don't leave the warehouse, so the domestic shipping doesn't come into play.

To do an internal warehouse transfer, ask your agent's support for instructions. Usually the new owner will also have to place a placeholder purchase order to have the item bundle in your account.

Personal experience with warehouse transfers

I bought a whole warehouse that was around 10kg from a community member, who for some reason couldn't pay for shipping after ordering the items.

I asked Superbuy how it works and they gave me a ¥1 placeholder item to purchase. Keep in mind, this was the old process that is now used by wegobuy. The other guy initated the transfer with his agent.

The items popped up in my warehouse without any questions or extra steps I needed to take.

The only problem was that all 10kg were in 1 placeholder warehouse item. That meant that I could only ship it all at once. But for a few cents I bought the value-added service to split the haul. That solved the problem and even got me extra QC pics. The option for that is on the warehouse page.


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