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Date: 10/12/2019

Wegobuy is a chinese shopping agent. During the 4th quarter of 2019 it entered the market. And instantly replaced as our go-to agent for taobao products and expert shopping. It promised to do deliver everything that Superbuy couldn't deliver anymore and completely focus on communities like ours.

We already made a post with a FAQ when wegobuy came out: Introducing Wegobuy

This blog post is a straightforward wegobuy guide:

Guide for Wegobuy

Wegobuy Coupon

It's really important for us that you sign up through this link above as it's what allows us to stay free and independent

1. Find an item you want to buy

The best solution to find an item is to check on reddit. r/Flexicas is a good place to start with a friendly community, but there are also niche communities like r/CoutureReps for low-key fashion.

2. Sign up

If you don't have an account yet, you can use the button below to create one. Account creation is easy and self explanatory.

Wegobuy Coupon

3. Find the right size and color

Depending on your browser either taobao or wegobuy might load sizes correctly. Try clicking on the different sizes and color combinations on wegobuy. If the picture doesn't change you might have to click items link and try the same on taobao. If you open taobao in chrome, right click and click "translate to English".

Now you know how to change the size, but how do you find the right size? The answer is simple: The description. Almost every item has a size chart in the description. The best way to read it is to use your phone and the camera function of your google translate app. Set the source language to Chinese (traditional) and point it at your screen. Simple as that. Alternatively the sizes could be hidden in the size and color text tag. Sometimes sellers only measure half way around the body, but that should be fairly obvious.

4. Add to cart & check-out

After you have chosen a size you have to add your item to the cart. From there you can check the items you want to check out. You don't have to check out everything, so your cart can also be used as a wish list.

5. Checking out

Select your destination country. Additionally you can leave a message for your wegobuy agent with instructions, for instance if the you negotiated a discount on wechat. You can also request detailed HD pictures. Next you have to pay, select a payment method that suits you and has the lowest exchange fees, if you don't have USD.

6. Domestic shipping

The items are now on their way to your chinese warehouse. This step is called domestic shipping. There's nothing you can do except wait, and after 7 days you can remind the seller or ask for a refund if it didn't arrive yet.

7. Warehouse

Once your items arrived you can look at the QC pictures in the warehouse. Here you have to decide how you want to split your haul. If you want detailed information about this, please read our RepGuide .

8. International Shipping

On the warehouse page you can select what items you want to ship internationally. Provide your address and select a shipping service. Again, this is a straightforward guide so if you're unsure read the extended RepGuide . You have multiple "value-added services" at your disposal, which are free for the launch of wegobuy. Some are really useful, like moist barrier bag, and increase the safety of your shipment. Others like gift wrap are more situational. You can also use coupons (like our $45 coupon) and redeem points.

9. Waiting and customs

After you hit send you have to wait. You can use the tracking on the parcels page to find out more, but there's little you can do. Don't panic under any circumstances, most of the time nothing bad happened and it just takes a little longer.

If your parcel is stuck in customs a few extra steps are necessary, also laid out in detail in our RepGuide.

YouTube Video Guide

This video is edited and cut in order to get straight to the point. It's all you need.


This is a short, straightforward guide. If you want an extended guide that talks about every detail of wegobuy and gives you lots of insights and background knowledge you should read it. Link


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