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Wegobuy Sub-Page Overview

Date: 12/27/2019

Wegobuy has lots of different pages, for instance the parcels page or the shopping orders page. Navigating and finding them can be very difficult, especially since it's different from Superbuy. In this Guide we show you where to find all the different Wegobuy pages and give a quick overview on what they do and what they are good for.

Learn how to find the shopping cart, orders, warehouse, parcels, coupons and customer service. Instead of just giving you a link we show you how find them so you can remember it.


Wegobuy Page Overview Screenshot

This is the account overview page. It's the easiest page to start your navigation from, since it gives you access to all the menus, especially the left hand sidebar.

How to get to the account overview

You can get to the account overview screen by clicking on your name in the top right corner.

Use the numbers in the screenshot to find the section on this page for the Wegobuy page you are looking for.

  1. Shopping Cart
  2. Shopping Order
  3. Warehouse
  4. My Parcels
  5. Coupons
  6. Customer Service
  7. Language/Currency Settings

1. Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is where items that you added to the cart show up. You have not bought these items yet. The shopping card on the right sidebar should show a red number that indicates how many items you currently have in your cart.

How to get to the shopping cart page

You can get there on any item screen or the sidebars on the left and right hand side on the account view.

2. Shopping order

The shopping orders screen shows shopping orders, past and present, fulfilled and processing. From this screen you can track domestic shipping and make sure you stay on track with your spending. If you need to confirm something regarding your order this is the place for it. After your items arrived in the warehouse you can take a look at your QC pics here.

How to get to the shopping order page

You can get to the shopping orders screen either by clicking on "orders" in the left hand menu or "shopping order" in the top menu. Note that the terms are different, which makes it confusing, yet they lead you to the same screen.

3. Warehouse

The warehouse screen shows you all items that are currently in your warehouse. That is the main difference to the shopping order screen, only currently stored items are shown. You can also view QC pictures from here.

You need to visit this page to continue with international shipping for your order. Checking items shows you the added weight to plan you shipping.

How to get to the warehouse page

The warehouse is the easiest to get to. You can find a link in the left, top and right hand menu. On the right hand menu it's the house icon.

4. My Parcels

The parcels screen shows you your parcels that you submitted for international shipping. Both currently shipping and those that already arrived. You can view the details here, track your order and confirm a shipment.

How to get to the parcels page

You can find this screen in the left and top menu. On the left it's called "parcel" and in the top menu it's "my parcels".

5. Coupons

The coupons screen shows you your coupons and all details you need to know, like expiry and minimum spending conditions. If you used our $40 coupons you can find it here.

How to get to the coupons page

You can find it in the left menu or in the middle of the account page.

6. Customer Service

The main customer service is live chat. But there are other contact methods such as email or phone.

The live chat opens in a new browser window. Alternatively you can copy the url from that window and open it as a tab in your main window and close the newly opened window.

How to get to the customer service page

You can find it either in the top menu or in the right menu.

7. Language/Currency Settings

This isn't really a page. But it's important to know where you can change your display language and currency. You can switch between USD/RMB and English/Chinese.

How to get to the language/currency settings

Click on the currency and language in the top right corner.


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