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Customs Declaration Calculator: JadeShip's newest Tool

Date: 8/22/2023

How much should I declare? Historically, the answer has been "If you're from X do Y, but if you use line Z do this instead, but not if you're above 2kg, then do that, and don't forget to round up...". But not anymore! With our new tool, the whole process of determining the optimal amount to declare is interactive - from start to finish.

Customs Declarations for everyone

Gone are the times of looking up a convoluted flowcharts, asking people who give you answers that don't apply to your country or listening to Tiktokers, who have no idea what they're talking about. It's all here, all in one tool, for everyone. For all agents (Superbuy, Wegobuy, Pandabuy, Cssbuy, Basetao, Sugargoo and Hagobuy), all countries and all shipping services.


A description for the chosen declaration method, and a input field to enter the weight. This leads to a calculated result, labeled as "declare as" below.

Don't let this screenshot mislead you into thinking this is just a tool that calculates kg * 12. It's not.

Interactive & guided

The best part? It's fully interactive. It starts by asking for your country (which you can skip btw, thanks to location services), and then, depending on your answer, it's giving you the next options to choose from. It holds your hand from start to finish. It doesn't ask too much, it doesn't ask too little, the calculator asks you for what it needs to know, and when it has a result, it tells you right away.

So depending on your country and shipping service, the whole process might be one step or three and that's the beauty of it, I programmed it in a way where the experience is tailored to your country.

Just give it a try

Worst case, you lost 1 minute. Best case, you saved yourself a lawsuit (I mean that's the worst worst case), you're haul didn't get seized and you don't have to wait hours in a queue trying to talk to a customs hotline.

So it's definitely worth giving this a try for your next haul.

Community Built

This is important: I don't claim to know everything! How could I, there are 216 countries/territories with hundreds of agent / shipping service combinations each.

So if you have a suggestion or there's a better way to do this to your country, please let me know and I will add it.

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