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Hongkong DHL: Proof of Value needed for Europe | Superbuy PSA

Date: 8/21/2020

Starting August 10, 2020 Superbuy customers need to get together with Superbuy for a proof of value, otherwise Superbuy denies the service and parcels are not being shipped.

According to Superbuy, Hongkong DHL stated that due to stricter customs inspections in Europe there is a blacklist for customers under declaring their parcels.

The existence of a blacklist has long been rumored, and it being officially confirmed by DHL HK (according to Superbuy that is), might worry some frequent shoppers.


1. Enter the declared value truthfully

This can be done when submitting your parcel

2. Collect purchase information

Take a screenshot of your Paypal transaction. This will be your proof of value.

3. Send Proof of Value to Superbuy

Send an email with the Subject: [Parcel Number] Proof of Value to

The parcel number starts with PN and can be found on the parcels page.

This has to be done within 12 hours after submitting your parcel, otherwise your parcel might be delayed

What it means for you as a customer

Of course we don't know the whole truth, but this seems like another attempt of Superbuy to clean their image.

It's a fact that Superbuy does not need a proof of value for processing. The only outcome is that you cannot declare fake values.

While we of course not condone declaring fake values, Superbuy's new policy will not only be tiresome for the customer, it will also cost them. They would argue that it's for your best, which might be true in some cases, but we still think that an educated customer (who reads the JadeShip Blog) can decide on their own how they want to import their items.

While we do appreciate Superbuy's effort to uphold the legal requirements, just like us, the fact that they want to act as a control instance is extra trouble for the customer - and bad news.

We would personally make the switch to Wegobuy - that's overdue. If you want to stick with Superbuy, you might want to choose a different line.

Based on this announcement in Superbuy BBS


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