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Shipping Calculator v3: Biggest Release of 2022

Date: 12/30/2022

Since it's inception, the shipping calculator has been our top project, next to JadeShip TOP. While it didn't need a rework and was already the benchmark for shipping calculators, I saw more potential, so I rebuilt it from scratch with a different software design approach. This week, version 3 has finally been published.

Link to the JadeShip Shipping Calculator v3


The JadeShip Shipping Calculator is an effort to combine all shipping calculators from all agents on a single page, to allow for comparisons. (Hidden) fees are uncovered and added to allow for fair comparisons. This greatly benefits the customer. To top it off, there are many quality-of-life improvements, such as filters, sorting and different forms of warnings, labeling and grouping.


The new results screen

Dark mode available everywhere.

Each agent has their own dedicated page/calculator

Drilling down further, each shipping line has it's own page with more details

Goals achieved

  1. utilize a new method to get agent results faster
  2. URL parameters so links are shareable and can be used to help others
  3. important Quality-of-Life features like country detection
  4. a multi page application with less text on each page and less scrolling.

Technical Launch Difficulties

tldr; you might get stuck when you go back or click a link. If you're stuck for more than 10 seconds you should reload. I'm confident this will be resolved within the next couple weeks.

I decided to go for the newest beta features with the NextJS-13 framework. These features are great and I definitely don't regret choosing this framework, it makes the website a lot more future proof.

However, with the current version, there can be difficulties with browser routing. For instance, when you click a link or go back you might get stuck. If you're stuck for more than 10 seconds you should reload.

I'm doing everything I can to accurately report these issues back to the developers, and I check the releases page every day to see if an update came out that solves these issues. I don't believe this will take long.

When you open the page for the first time, you might have issues because you still have v2 data in your cache. I had this problem too, it's absolutely essential to clear your cache if anything funny happens.

Features (Info Posts)

These info posts serve as bit-sized introductions to explain the 8 core features listed on the home page + some extra features as a 9th post

7-in-1 Shipping Calculator

The core concept of the JadeShip Shipping Calculator: Combined shipping results from all 7 commonly used agents, allowing you to compare them side by side on a single page, so you can choose the agent that’s best for you.

It doesn’t take much to figure out that agent prices and even availability largely depend on your country. Weight and dimensions play a big role too.
So all claims that a single agent is simply the best agent for everyone are wrong and usually intentionally misleading.
You need to compare all agents for your PERSONAL scenario. That’s the only way to make a knowledgeable choice and save money.

UfoBuy is currently under investigation. Currently, they are visible, but no results are fetched. We might soon have a 6-in-1 shipping calculator.

Hybrid Functionality

The JadeShip Shipping Calculator serves a dual purpose, for everyone.

Just starting out?
Compare all agents, utilizing our wide set of features to save a lot of money. The ideal place to get started.

Already have an agent?
See how much the haul your planning is going to cost you, with presets, detailed cost calculation tables, restrictions, true price, currency exchange rates etc.

The Ultimate Shipping Calculator

Not only is the JadeShip Shipping Calculator the best combined shipping calculator, for each agent we feature a dedicated shipping calculator that’s better than the agent’s own calculator it’s based on.

Well, that’s what we’re explaining in the other posts of this series…
It boils down to: A simple to use, easy to understand interface, more precise results, effective sorting and filtering.

True Price Technology

The trademark feature of our shipping calculator: When it comes to prices, we don’t just take the agents word for it. For each agent, we add their specific…

  • Service Fees
  • Payment Fees
  • Customs Fees
  • Currency Conversion

Think about it: Why would you ever use a shipping calculator that can’t even tell you the true price?

Beginner Friendly

The JadeShip Shipping Calculator is never more difficult than it has to be.

  1. Have it detect your country
  2. Select a preset (a common weight/dimensions combo)
  3. All the default settings will just work, for you.
  4. See your prices. Done!

If you’re a beginner and want to place your first order, this is where you want to start!

Professional Grade

Yes, using the JadeShip Shipping Calculator is easy. But if you’re a pro, you can get so much more out of this tool!

Powerful Filters and Sorting Options

The JadeShip Shipping Calculator has unique filters that make it a powerful tool!

Carrier: All Shipping services are grouped by carriers (DHL, EMS, etc.), which can be filtered.

Max delivery days: Simple yet effective: If you can’t wait more than 2 weeks, set this to 14 days

Brand restricted lines: If you got branded items in your cart, simple untick this.

Only tariffless: Filter to only show triangle shipping / tariffless / tax free lines. A livesaver for many…

Easily Shareable

The URL on JadeShip Shipping Calculator contains all settings you touch. This means you can easily share the link and whoever opens it ends up exactly where you were.

It gets even cooler! When you share the link on most social networks, it will generate a card for you.

Extra Features

Automatic country detection makes using the service much quicker, all you have to do is allow location access through your browser.

Everything is happening on the JadeShip server, nothing is forwarded to a third party. The common way to tackle this would be to send your IP address to a 3rd party lookup service.

The first and only service related to Taobao/Weidian shopping that features imperial measurements, you cannot only look at the measurements in inches, you can also directly enter them in inches and pounds and use presets.

JadeShip Shipping Calculator v3

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