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The Superbuy comeback! Branded Goods in 2021, no restrictions

Date: 3/16/2021

It's been a while since we had any news from our old favorite agent Superbuy. Now everything is moving at once, first they increase their Coupon to $85, then they subtly tell us that they are dropping all restrictions

New $85 Coupon

We already reported the new XXL Coupon on our Subreddit r/JadeShip. Alternatively, you might've seen it at the top of our page.\_increased\_the\_coupon\_signup\_bonus\_to\_560/

This came shortly after I repaired the Superbuy integration on

New $85 Coupon

Of course, this new coupon is a very welcome change. Now you have a reason to sign up on Superbuy if you don't have an account. If you already have an account there's also good reason to keep it, as one of Superbuy's best qualities is the rewards program (VIP levels).

Comeback of Branded Goods

In the responses to the post above we got lots of replies saying that Superbuy also allows the shipment of branded goods again, among other things praising Superbuy. We instantly noticed that almost all accounts have been created minutes before, left their comment and then went offline again. This is a strong indicator for fake accounts.

Why would they use fake accounts? Chances are, there was a reason they could not have branded goods on their platform anymore. So fake accounts were a way to communicate it without using official channels. Of course I would've preferred if they talked to me directly as I don't want fake accounts to influence our community.

The YouTube video above explains this, as well as a little bit of Superbuy history and the transition from Superbuy to Wegobuy.

Disclaimer: I definitely have to point out that I have 0 proof of these accounts being fake accounts and this is not official news or a press release from Superbuy. They also didn't approve this post or ask me to post this.

What does this mean?

In the past Superbuy was known to be the go to agent for quality, reliability and customer service.

It looks like Superbuy wants to win us back as customers. They're putting coupons on the table and signal that they are open for business. This is exciting news, and we can't wait to hear what people that go back or switch think about their revival.


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