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Wegobuy's first anniversary Thanksgiving for all our support users

Date: 9/10/2020

This is an official Wegobuy announcement, based on our reddit post


All users of Wegobuy from VIP1 to VIP6 will automatically get monthly coupon bundles with variety amount which depends on your level:


¥0 service fee on wegobuy for all orders (weidian and yupoo orders)

In the near future, we’ll make it come true, pls kindly wait for it.

There will be no service fee on wegobuy at all, we’ll manage it asap.

Exclusive service offer for VIP

Wechat: Wegobuy

Whatsapp: +86 15057129010

Wegobuy shipping FAQ

1. Why is wegobuy charges higher on shipping than other agent?

Sorry if it bother you much. We don’t only focus on the price band we will take speed into consideration, what we want to provide with is shipping lines who balance speed and price perfectly.

Wegobuy is confident with our shipping routes and our charge is competitive. The shipping routes that we offer now are superior in speed during the past one year. As you can see, GD-EMS works faster than other EMS .

We will strive to find new good shipping lines and close the bad one for you.

2. Is the price when I submit parcel is final charge(expensive)?

There is one thing you need to know that parcels will be overweight by our systerm over 60cm which is over EMS' length limitation, so you are charged by the volumetic weight which is expensive. So the price could be shown as super high.

You can pay for it first and will get refund after we measured the actual weight for you (we will make the parcel as small as possible).

Or if you don't wanna pay for high shipping fee at first, just apply for rehearsal package which is located on the right-top of page when you submit the parcel. It can help you measure the actual weight first and you just need to pay actual shipping fee.

We will adjust our system to measure it more accurately in the near future.

rehearsal package link:\_about\_rehearsal\_packaging\_follow\_the/

3. What if no shipping routes to my countries at all or I want other shipping line that wegobuy don’t have?

Please contact our customer service for help, we can offer special shipping routes for you.

customer service link:


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