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These are all categories used to categorize the 123 spreadsheets featured on JadeShip.

They are sorted based on how favorably we generally see spreadsheets in this category.

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The highest tier of spreadsheets and the most appreciated.

A spreadsheet like this is built based on personal experience and includes reviews and personal notes or ratings.

Of course this is a more tedious process, that also requires a much bigger investment compared to copying and pasting links. That's why these spreadsheets will always be smaller.

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These spreadsheets follow a theme or set of rule. They aren't your generic spreadsheet consisting of the most hyped items. They are applauded because they aren't just link dumps. You can look for a themed spreadsheet that interests you.

A themed spreadsheet could be items under $50 or something like a decorations only sheet, etc.

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A compilation spreadsheet is compiled (copied and pasted) from other spreadsheets or original sources.

The goal is usually to present the user with as many items as possible.

The intentions behind this don't necessarily have to be bad, but I think JadeShip does a much better source at compiling spreadsheets and adding value.

The thing with these spreadsheet is: the more compilations you look through, the lower the value of each additional one you look at (due to duplicates). You might as well just look at the biggest one and leave it at that.

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A spreadsheet of this category is published by a store. Essentially it's nothing than a catalog. It's important you are aware of that and don't think it's a neutral source recommending the items inside.

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These spreadsheets can't really be categorized. They fit into none of the other categories.

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