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JadeShip features 74 Pandabuy spreadsheets categorized as Compilation.

A compilation spreadsheet is compiled (copied and pasted) from other spreadsheets or original sources.

The goal is usually to present the user with as many items as possible.

The intentions behind this don't necessarily have to be bad, but I think JadeShip does a much better source at compiling spreadsheets and adding value.

The thing with these spreadsheet is: the more compilations you look through, the lower the value of each additional one you look at (due to duplicates). You might as well just look at the biggest one and leave it at that.

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Aug 1, 2023

Elric has been dominating our quantitative spreadsheet ranking since the introduction. You got one of the biggest spreadsheets that's almost only consisting of exclusive items.

It's a compilation spreadsheet, but there's a place for that and Elric's spreadsheet excels at it. And with that amount of exclusive items it's pretty clear it's a compilation of exclusive finds and not a compilation of stolen spreadsheets. Hats off.

1,798items contained
quantitative rating

This spreadsheet contains a large variety of different items. It includes a simple rating system for a few items, but no reviews to speak of.

1,373items contained
quantitative rating

Luna claims this is a personal list of finds. That might be true, most items are actually exclusive.

In our categorization it's a compilation list, because personal lists require personal notes or reviews, otherwise it's just as good as a finds list.

683items contained
quantitative rating

Good layout, big size and a decent amount of exclusive items. Sadly, other than Candor's other spreadsheets, this one contains no reviews.

1,003items contained
quantitative rating

Actually it's only 999 items 🤓 A vast majority of those are exclusive. It also includes weidian store ratings. It's a compilation list without reviews. The layout needs some getting used to, but other than that this has everything you could ask for from a list.

981items contained
quantitative rating

Well categorized and styled spreadsheet. Many exclusive items. It's a compilation spreadsheet that does not feature any reviews or ratings.

979items contained
quantitative rating

Most of the notes in PandaTD's spreadsheet are just the seller name or a rating out of 10. Not the most helpful, but better than nothing. The amount of exclusive items is nothing to write home about.

889items contained
quantitative rating

About 50% of the items in this random finds list are exclusive. That's pretty good and might actually support the statement made in the title. From the notes you can tell it's a compilation between different users. It contains a lot of items.

858items contained
quantitative rating

Swish's List

Jul 30, 2023

Swish uses some color coding that's not explained in the sheet. You can't complain about the size or amount of exclusive items, only about the lack of reviews.

796items contained
quantitative rating

A big spreadsheet, contains some reviews, and a fair amount of exclusive items.

With that being said, the reviews are few and far between and some of it sounds sponsored.

544items contained
quantitative rating

This spreadsheet contains available colors but hardly any reviews or ratings.

474items contained
quantitative rating

A classic compilation spreadsheet. A decent amount of exclusive items.

458items contained
quantitative rating

PandasFind for PC

Jul 28, 2023

Contains a few reviews, but mostly notes about size and color. There are links to Tiktok reviews. A decent amount of items in this spreadsheet are exclusive.

369items contained
quantitative rating

Bad contrast, hard to read, basic items. Almost all items are supposedly "best quality", this hardly constitutes a review. The list is also pretty short.

79items contained
quantitative rating

Tnsackin Sheet

Jul 30, 2023

This spreadsheet is hard to categorize: It's quite big, has lots of exclusive items and a decent amount of personal notes, but it looks like they are no in-hand reviews. It looks more like a compilation sheet with more effort put into it. Please note the second sheet that's there for womens' items.

26items contained
quantitative rating


Jul 28, 2023

A small compilation spreadsheet. No discernible personal touches.

1,089items contained
quantitative rating


Jul 28, 2023

Formerly known as XYR's Spreadsheet. Contains notes, but no reviews. Few exclusive items.

1,003items contained
quantitative rating

There's no reason to make a part 2 of a spreadsheet, so that already smells fishy. This is a medium sized compilation spreadsheet.

494items contained
quantitative rating

The note section only contains seller names, no reviews and a only few of the items are exclusive.

481items contained
quantitative rating

A small compilaton spreadsheet.

235items contained
quantitative rating

Sayo finds

Jul 28, 2023

Another, small basic compilation spreadsheet.

147items contained
quantitative rating

A good example for a compilation spreadsheet: Big size but no exclusives. No reviews.

1,038items contained
quantitative rating

PopPanda strives to be the best general spreadsheet out there, with constant updates, checking for duplicate items and a feedback form for people to submit their issues. This catalog has quality 1:1 items from head to toe. PopPanda has it all.

795items contained
quantitative rating

A medium sized spreadsheet. The name contains personal notes sometimes, but mostly it's a collection of links or "scoops".

597items contained
quantitative rating

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