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Compilation Spreadsheets

JadeShip features 82 Pandabuy spreadsheets categorized as Compilation.

A compilation spreadsheet is compiled (copied and pasted) from other spreadsheets or original sources.

The goal is usually to present the user with as many items as possible.

The intentions behind this don't necessarily have to be bad, but I think JadeShip does a much better source at compiling spreadsheets and adding value.

The thing with these spreadsheet is: the more compilations you look through, the lower the value of each additional one you look at (due to duplicates). You might as well just look at the biggest one and leave it at that.

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470items contained
quantitative rating

Joshua's spreadsheet contains a few exclusive items, but no personal notes or reviews. It is rather small in size.

463items contained
quantitative rating

Outdated spreadsheet. Used to be basic in all regards.

409items contained
quantitative rating

This spreadsheet is small in size. You have a higher chance of finding an item that's listed twice in the same sheet than finding an exclusive item. It includes the amount of color variants available, but no reviews.

363items contained
quantitative rating

Small, categorized spreadsheet. No personal notes.

316items contained
quantitative rating

A small/medium sized compilation spreadsheet.

292items contained
quantitative rating

Basic compilation spreadsheet with prices in Canadian Dollars.

250items contained
quantitative rating

This spreadsheet contains a few personal reviews, but they don't give off the impression of in-hand reviews.

No exclusive items.

151items contained
quantitative rating

Yet another small compilation spreadsheet. Contains some exclusive items.

151items contained
quantitative rating

A small spreadsheet with no personal touch. Few exclusives.

120items contained
quantitative rating

An average compilation spreadsheet.

114items contained
quantitative rating

Matcha's Lookups

Jul 30, 2023

This spreadsheet contains a few personal reviews, but they are so few and far between that you should see it as a compilation list. The list is small and contains few exclusive items. I think you can safely skip this one.

75items contained
quantitative rating

Unnamed List

Jul 28, 2023

A super tiny spreadsheet.

32items contained
quantitative rating

Decent in size, but everything else about this is average. The design is hard to use.

911items contained
quantitative rating

Icy Sheet

Oct 12, 2023

Average spreadsheet. Icy's tiktok is not available anylonger, it's unclear if this spreadsheet is still maintained.

802items contained
quantitative rating

Melbourne Panda

Aug 10, 2023

This spreadsheet has a good size, but only a few reviews.

The tiktok account *@Melbournepanda_ * is deleted, so don't expect any updates or maintenance.

742items contained
quantitative rating

Spreadsheet JNTTJN

Dec 30, 2023

Offers a good variety, neatly organized in categories. Too bad the maker is spamming it on reddit.

703items contained
quantitative rating

Jay's Sheet

Aug 10, 2023

This spreadsheet contains a couple reviews, but 99% of the items contain no personal notes. The size is pretty respectable, but there are many duplicates within the list itself.

641items contained
quantitative rating

Small list with a few reviews.

481items contained
quantitative rating

No reviews. Barely any exclusive items. You can skip this one.

478items contained
quantitative rating

Doragate Sneakers

Nov 23, 2023

Basic, sneakers only spreadsheet. No items you haven't seen or couldn't find on other sheets

425items contained
quantitative rating


Jul 28, 2023

A medium sized, basic compilation spreadsheet. Reviews or personal notes are not included.

403items contained
quantitative rating

Ethan's Sheet

Aug 10, 2023

This is a basic compilation spreadsheet. It contains no exclusive items, reviews or personal notes. Medium size.

394items contained
quantitative rating

A medium sized spreadsheet with lots of duplicate content. It has a fair split between different categories.

326items contained
quantitative rating

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