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CityGoBuy used to have the worst prices to almost all countries. Not just bad prices, I mean the worst worst: If there were 13 options, CityGoBuy was 12 an...

CityGoBuy said they would lower their prices. They had 3 months. Did they keep their word? post thumbnail

Most countries are served by all agents. There's at least one shipping service available. Here's a list of the countries that Chinese shopping agents don't ship to.

Version 1.1 brings a great quality of life feature, presets. But this isn't just a boring list of patch notes. It's about how we came up with the numbers, how we sample data and you get some expert insights on the newest agents.

JadeShip Shipping Calculator + Agent Comparison: Version 1.1 released post thumbnail

Transitbuy is a brand new shopping agent with a familiar look. Their unique selling point is their own shipping line that seems to beat everyone for price and... New Agent with a Special Shipping Line Offer post thumbnail

At Chez Pierre, we masterfully and affordably create a unique, luxurious fragrance, just for you.

Chez Pierre fragrances, making liquid luxury affordable post thumbnail

Just a few weeks after the launch we're releasing the first main version update that brings support for another agent and cosmetic changes.

Release Notes...

JadeShip Top/Live brings our 4 year old service back on the map with an original idea, executed in a fast and lightweight environment, with the goal to change the game for everyone.

Year 4 was the most eventful year yet. We shut down our archive for items, the main thing we were known for. But we introduced many new projects.

In similar f...

I get it, some of you find agents complicated, don't trust them and think they charge too much for their service. One alternative is a wholesale and retail store like Kameymall.

Introducing Kameymall, a Chinese wholesale website post thumbnail

In this short guide, I'll show you how to save money overall and not overspend on reps.

The European Union is changing their VAT laws for non-EU countries. The VAT exemption limit is dropped from 22€ to 0€. There are a few exceptions you could use to avoid the fees.

Upon request, Sugargoo gave us a preview on their press release regarding the VAT changes coming up on July 1st for European customers.

Please keep in mind th...

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