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JadeShip Live | Taobao/Weidian Live Feed

Date: 11/4/2020

The Taobao and Weidian live shopping feed, available under, shows the latest purchases from Taobao and Weidian conducted through Superbuy and Wegobuy.

How to make the most of it

When you load the page you see the latest 100 purchases from the agents. By reloading the page you also update the list.

You have the option to change the currency in the top right corner. Additionally, you can either go to the item page on taobao/tmall or weidian. Clicking the image sends you to wegobuy directly.

Clicking the "?" will send you to a JadeShip Guide for the related topic.

Depending on the activity the 100 items cover about 45 min to 1 hour hour. That means that if you reload the page once an an hour you shouldn't miss any important items.

Why this is such a great thing

Reddit and JadeShip are tiny fragments of taobao shopping world, in China for sure, but also for international buyers. On this site you can see the items that never get posted on reddit.

The logic of a live shopping feed dictates that the items have been bought at least once. There's a good chance the customer did their research and you can use that to your advantage. Buying blindly (Guinea Pig) is always risky, and JadeShip helps.

We use it for the JadeShip finds account - and have been doing so for a long time before the public release. I can attest that we found hundreds of interesting items. That's why we bet that everytime you load a fresh batch of 100 you'll find something interesting.

More details

The live feed shows you the actual price paid. Which is an advantage, because taobao and JadeShip show you the price of the lowest priced option available for an item.

The exchange rate should only be taken as a rough estimate. The agents and paypal and other payment methods set their own exchange rates anyways.

Usernames are censored at this time, for the customers' privacy.

The history

This feed has been developed as a spiritual successor to the one made by the Superbuy2Imgur developer. That one has been offline about half a year, and since we used it frequently we developed this for private and later public use.

While we cannot recollect how they dealt with weidian items, we wanted to make sure they are included. Weidian wasn't a big deal back then, but now it's certainly important.

The other feed also only started to collect items once you had it open, while we chose an approach to load the last 100 items every time you load it, to give you a wide selection of items instantly, without having to wait for new data to come in. If you want the latest purchases "live" you can always reload. Or you reload every once an hour to not miss anything, as described in the first chapter. The other feed made you run out of memory at some point, and if you accidentally reloaded your feed was empty. We always give you a full list, and we definitely think our way is the right way to do it. It's made working with it so much easier.

Big September 2021 Update

The agents improved their support for Weidian and so did we: Weidian now has full native support with all the features that Taobao has. That means images and direct shopping links.

We added currency conversion for Canadian Dollars to recognize this large portion of visitors. We also used the chance to update all other exchange rates.. Let us know if there's a currency we definitely need to add.

We think JadeShip Live is tremendously underrated. With the JadeShip Taobao/Weidian List down, our live feed is the best place to find new inspiration or new, popular, underrated items. To celebrate the much better utility we will post a bi-weekly reminder to let more people know about JadeShip Live.


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