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EastMallBuy Discounts & Coupons

All coupons and discounts for EastMallBuy, all ways to save money.

We differentiate the following kinds of discounts

  1. welcome bonus
  2. long-term discount
  3. instant shipping coupon
  4. item discounts
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Quick List

tldr; Here's a super quick list of all available discounts for EMB, for those who already know what they're up against and want to get right to the point.

type of discount code discount
welcome bonus
$200 worth of various coupons

Welcome Bonus

As the name implies, you can get a welcome bonus only when you create an account. If you already have an account, you can only get another welcome bonus by creating a new account.

claim welcome bonus

You get: $200 worth of various coupons

Long-term discount

The difference between the welcome bonus coupons and a long-term discount or instant discount is that a longterm discount must fulfill the following beneficial criteria

  1. unlimited uses
  2. usable for everyone
  3. no spending limit

A long-term discount is superior to the welcome bonuses in every way, but they are not mutually exclusive, so you can just get both.

Long-term discount codes are made to be used and should be used with any order!

Sadly, at this moment EastMallBuy does not have any long-term discounts.

Instant Shipping Coupons

Instant shipping coupons are limited time events, a classic sales coupon like you would have outside of the rep world.

Some of them have a minimum spending threshold, others can be used all the time. Sometimes they are single use, others can be used infinitely.

codediscountusagethresholdother termsExpiryvalid fromvalid untilReport
currently no discount codes are available

Item Discounts

Were just listing item discounts here to mention that no agent has ever directly issued coupons for items. It's also unlikely, because the agents are logistics companies and not merchants. As a matter of fact, there's not even a field to enter them. If someone is telling you about an item coupon, it's probably a scam.

Learn more about EastMallBuy

Check out our dedicated EastMallBuy page for tools and links for this shopping agent.

For any remaining questions you can also click the taobot icon in the bottom right corner and ask ChatGPT.

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