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We never tried to hide the fact that JadeShip is financed through affiliate links. Unlike almost everyone in our scene we put clear disclaimers. What we have h...

Wise offers the real exchange rate with borderless accounts. It saved me thousands of dollars and is one of the best things I ever signed up for.

Wise: Get the Real Exchange Rate when buying from Taobao, Weidian, AliExpress etc. post thumbnail

You get a pop-up every time you open a page on Desktop? You can click it away, but it gets annoying, so why not just register a Taobao account?

How to Register a Taobao Account & get rid of Annoying Pop-Ups post thumbnail

<ee found a new site, It's a promising concept, that could very well replace Yupoo and WeChat Albums. And no one has heard of it., why it could (and should) Replace Yupoo and WeChat Albums post thumbnail

For about a month now we have been doing big behind the scenes changes - you might've noticed when JadeShip was down.

With years of experience using WeChat, verifying and experimenting with automization we feel ready to present this guide with tips and tricks for WeChat.

WeChat Tips & Tricks for the Rep Community post thumbnail

In some cases it's advantageous to browse The servers are located internationally and load quicker. Find direct link samples in this post.

World.Taobao.Com Links post thumbnail

Users reported delays with EMS and China Post, both owned by China Post Group. There's a silver lining: A new rail shipping route to Europe.

EMS / China Post is Opening a New Route to Europe and gives Statement regarding Delay due to COVID-19 post thumbnail

Wegobuy has lots of different pages and navigating can be very difficult. We show where to find the cart, orders, warehouse, parcels and customer service.

Wegobuy Sub-Page Overview post thumbnail

You tried to log in to your wegobuy/superbuy account via VPN and a verification code via email is required. But you don't get your verification code.

What to do if you do not get your Wegobuy verification code post thumbnail

We get requests to verify Wechat Accounts every day. Sometimes it's blocked before you send your fist message! Get it unblocked today.

How to get your WeChat Account Verified post thumbnail

Weidian vs Taobao. It's a recent topic, and some woke customers even call it a 'revolution'. We analyze Taobao vs weidian and tell you why Taobao is better.

The Weidian Revolution is a hoax and a terrible idea (Weidian vs Taobao) post thumbnail

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